Do not eat me perverted version of typing games

Tips: this game a bit large, about 2 minutes to load time, you can open this page minimization, check other information, so loaded up, and then maximize the page.

Do not eat my game game strategy:
Many friends are learning keyboard typing games, but how are learning fast, playing word
To like the turtle, do not worry, this little game we play is to play such a small game with friends in a small game,
While playing a game can also contact typing Oh! ~ As long as you play on a will, you little game would not the same as typing speed Oh!
~ To give it a try! Small Game Method: Point PLAY GAME to enter, the choice of difficulty, easy is the simplest, MEDIUM medium
HARD difficult. Timely input to the little boy appeared on the game side game of double letters, or be eaten.
Key space game nirvana, but you only get one chance to use the oh

Do not eat me perverted version of a game Description: We play a fresh and innovative games, the result whether you are eating or not eating, first of all have to praise the game of creativity and production results, then why complain about their usual When the computer class teacher to practice typing, lazy, and now they have been depriving eat it! Is that the game is very simple eating blame at us, we must quickly help the little boy throw the letters play a weapon, if you play slow, then you have only to be eaten, and eaten very miserable, the whole amount of his head bitten down ... ... ... ... perverted version of a variety of models have no time limit.

How: Click PLAY GAME to start the game, and then select the game difficulty, EASY simple, MEDIUM Medium, HARD difficult to timely enter the letter appears above the little boy, or be eaten. Spacebar nirvana