typing master games

Doraemon the Typing Game ~

Viking drinking sound coagulant  constantly spit out the sound block, as soon as controlling the sound field than destroyed as soon as possible, otherwise, smashing the grandfather of the wall, but to suffer oh ~

Elimination of a block of each letter can be the equivalent of 10 points and 10 yen per 500 points increase in a rate. Accumulate a certain number of yen, press "Enter" key to get into the store, there were five kinds of props for sale, lovely soft stator will give a detailed description of each use of props.

Sometimes the letters in the game there will be overlap, the resulting inconvenience, also please forgive me;)

Come and use props to help Nobita Doraemon it!

You play to play to his cramped fingers typing, typing master so to state Well, Keep up the good ~ ~